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I have had experience in multiple areas: engineering, web designing and coding, hobby photography. In this section I present some of the projects I've been involved in. Please choose a category from the left submenu.

Web Design

The World Wide Web has become the most important and useful instrument for communication nowadays. From small and medium size business to big international corporations, it is sensible to present their products and services on the Net so that they gain access to billions of people.

I have taken part in creation of 200+ web sites, small and medium size business, many of them built from scratch.

I provide high quality services including graphic design, html and css coding, javascript and actionscripting.

I also offer some special features for the web like virtual tour images and 3D Flash animations of industrial products.

Industrial Design

Numerical control or numerically controlled (NC) machine tools are machines that are automatically operated by commands that are received by their processing units. An entire manufacturing technology known as CAD/CAM has developed around the NC concept and, in addition, CNC with its powerful microprocessors and other enabling technologies proffered from the personal computing phenomenon has enabled the NC concept to branch into many variants, even a variant that is essentially record/playback. The latter of which are known in the industry as "teach lathes".

I use CAD/CAM software Euclid3, Solid Works, ProEngineer to build 3D industrial design objects, and to generate the NC programs for their production using CNC machine.

Latest Web Design Projects

CRM System

Galactica Service


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