Five checks for deciding a website design...

...or how to design a successful website

Wed, 03 Dec 2008 15:22:52 +0200

1. Good product: A good product or service that people look for. Present the best of you, present it the best way you can!

2. Web Site Design: If it's not a well designed site, you're fighting a losing battle. Believe me! Different design styles serve different occasions and I understand that.

3. Web Functionality: Unplanned Navigation and people not knowing where to find the information they look for. People would leave your web site in seconds unless you keep them interested.

4. Content: Picture speaks more than words but word also do convey. Combine both to achieve best.

5. Browser Compatibilty: If your site cannot be viewed with common browsers, redesign it instead of troubling your potential customers to install 10MB application just to view your site. Nobody actually downloads, I create sites that are best viewed in cross browsers.



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