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Project Description

Leonard Finn & Co are a firm of Chartered Accountants from theВ United KingdomВ offering audit, accountancy, taxation, payroll and general business consultancy services to business of a variety of sizes and from a wide selection of industry sectors.

In collaboration with the Skala Marketing team and the graphic designerВ Simon Olney I created the HTML/CSS code and the PHP scripts for this web site.

The HTML layout has been built using block elements, CSS positioned. A special feature of the web site is RSS Feed Reader which loads news stories from other sites.

Tech Summary

  • Name: Leonard Finn & Co.
  • Type: web design
  • Category: corporate web sites
  • Year: 2008
  • Features: HTML, CSS, PHP, RSS Feed Reader


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Hristo Karaivanov
Sofia, Bulgaira

Hristo Karaivanov

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