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Advantages of using custom shopping cart

Wed, 01 Jun 2011 17:19:35 +0300

There are dozens of open source solutions for shopping cart to be used for Internet Shop. But using a custom programmed solution gives certain advantages.

One of them is that you can declare discount voucher codes which you can publish in magazines where you advertise your business, or give as a prize of a game or competition. The vouchers could be valid for a certain period of time, or for certain number of people.

Another useful application is that you can apply different shipping cost schemes depending on the region you operate. You can set different shipping cost for every product in your list. Or you can set different shipping cost on groups of products depending on which country you are to ship.

An example of complicated shipping cost I have recently realized is for an online bookstore. Here is the scheme:

1 comic within Ireland 1.00 euro, 40 cent for each additional comic

1 graphic novel within Ireland 1.50 euro, 50 cent for each additional

1 comic to rest of world 1.50 euro, 50 cent for each additional comic

1 graphic novel rest of the world 2.00 euro, 75 cent each additional
Orders over 75.00 euro get free shipping



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