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An online software gives you the opportunity To Do More in your business life

Tue, 30 Mar 2010 09:37:01 +0300

Recently I have started offering my clients, along with a content managed website, an Online Business Organizer based on the same technology used for Content Management Systems.

Online Business Organizer is a software for effective time and task management. It is applicable to a very wide range of business types. You can use it to simply manage your client's list, or organize better your company business activity. You can have To Do List for optimization of efforts and time you spend on carrying out of your everyday business tasks. The Online Business Organizer sends emails to your clients or employees. I will design the software according to what you need to give you the opportunity To Do More in your business life.

1. You can use Online Business Organizer for:

  • Organizing, prioritizing, setting deadlines and tracking completion of tasks
  • Planning your personal and professional life for days, months, years ahead
  • Managing appointments, meetings, events, projects, workflow, etc.
  • Managing specific firm's activity (repairs, transport, orders etc)

2. Online Business Organizer benefits are:

  • Brings order into your company's affairs and confidence
  • Lets you complete tasks on time and helps you achieve goals faster
  • Improves your organizer abilities and saves your time and money
  • Makes you forget about the boring paper work

3. Key Features of Online Business Organizer:

  • Database management
  • Works with every computer connected to the Internet
  • No need of installation, it is a part of your website
  • Username/Password protected
  • Delegates different admissions to the different users
  • Intuitive interface
  • Flexible grouping of tasks
  • Extended printing capabilities
  • E-mail reminders
  • Visual tracking of tasks status
  • Sorting and filtration of tasks


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