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Wed, 22 Jul 2009 10:16:04 +0300

Shining websites come mainly through animation and Flash is the most commonly used animation tool. There was a time, when the web world has witnessed the usage of Flash not only as an animation tool, but a lot of websites have been developed completely in Flash as I did with Atanas Yanev's Flash website back in 2006.

The ultimate utilization of space, presentation of communication messages and relevant images in a spectacular manner, innumerable and versatile kinds of probable animation - have made Flash widely popular. Even today a Flash banner cuts a memorable impact.

The usage of Flash movies however has been restricted in recent years for the corporate and e-commerce websites. The triggering event has been the hesitation of search engines in crawling the inner content of a Flash movie. It is true that most of the search engine crawlers fail to read content within the flash movie just like with some of the Java Scripts.

Flash can and should be used, but you will need to plan for it properly. For business websites, you could consider using Flash on just a small portion of your website, like in a banner, a logo, or for a homepage section showing a presentation, but I don’t recommend using Flash for your entire site. However for personal websites, websites of musicians, artists, movie stars... Flash is a great tool to use.



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