Hotel website dynamic template

Hotel website template with multi-languages support and new pages generator availability

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 16:37:33 +0300

I have released a website template designed to meet every hotel's requirements for online presence. This is a dynamic web solution, easy-to-use, with intuitive interface. The dynamic template can be installed in one hour, and fill out with text and images in half a day! You don't need to be an expert in web programming to work with the website.


Multi-languages support

With single click of your mouse you add another language to your website.

Nine (9) main pages fully editable

The website template consists of nine main pages: Home, The Hotel, The Rooms, Location, Rates, Reservation, Contacts, News & Events, and Special Offers. You can edit the text content in all languages previously declared, and upload and change the image for every main page

Sub-pages under The Hotel, The Rooms, News & Events, and Special Offers

You have no limits to add as many as you need sub-pages under the main sections The Hotel, The Rooms, News & Events, and Special Offers.

This feature gives you the tools to describe better your hotel with sub sections like Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Breakfast, Swimming Pool etc... under The Hotel section, and to describe your rooms like Single Rooms, Double Rooms, Apartaments etc... NO LIMITS to add as many sub pages as you need!

But that is not the end! You can also add News & Events articles as well as Special Offers.

The "sub pages" features of the website template make it possible to frequently update and increase your website content with no limits, which is attractive to the search engines.

Test Drive

Test before you buy! Contact me if you want to test LIVE DEMO of the website. You will be provided with username and password to login to the Content Management System of the website template and test what it can do. Write me now!



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