How to choose a Web Designer

Some practical hints of how to choose the right web designer for your website design project

Mon, 09 Mar 2009 10:00:36 +0200

As the popularity of the web continues to grow, it has proved that it's very important for business, big and small, to get themselves a web presence. Different companies take different route to get their web sites done. Some of them, not realizing that web designing is difficult and important process, and the enormous effort to build a web site is required, design it themselves, with little to no previous experience. Others hire not experienced cheap web designer to do it for them. The option that most choose, however, is to hire a professional web designer.

Many people hire the first name they find in Google. Other - the opposite - they browse for hours, exploring hundreds of web designer's websites, and finally tired they assign the job to whoever is in the list.

Hiring a web designer is just like hiring for any other opening. You must make sure the applicant is qualified. With that in mind, here are some helpful hints that will help you find the web designer that's right for the job you need, and after all to show you why I am the right person to the job for you.

1. Decide what will be on your site.

Before you even start searching, you have to decide what will be on your site. Will it be an online store, a company brochure, a product catalogue, or an informational site? This decision is important, because different designers have different skills which are suited for certain tasks, but not others.

I have very rich experience in small business web sites, company brochures, corporate web sites, product catalogs and small-to-big business web sites.

2. How much does your web site cost?

Before you start, you need to naturally make a budget. You need to see how important this project is for your company, and how much you're willing to spend. Once you do this, make sure to let each prospective web designer know how much you've budgeted. It will make things that much easier for you and your designer in the long run. Since this may be an expensive outlay for your company, make sure you know exactly what you're paying for. Does the price include graphics design and copy? Who pays for the web hosting? Does the fee include periodic updates?

Since I live in Bulgaria, a country in the Eastern Europe with constantly growing standard of life and yet not so high, I could offer very competitive prices for the websites I create, but this will not affect the quality of the project I work on.

The project's price strongly depends on the type of a website, and it's very different for the different websites categories, I have created small static web sites for as little as 250 euros (320 USD) but the big database driven websites with content management system could cost up to 1000 euros (1300 USD)

3. Make sure the Designer can Design.

This is the most crucial, but often overlooked, part of the job. You don't know how many times I've seen a web designers' web pages that makes me cringe. If the web designers can't design nicely for themselves, what makes you think they'll do a good job for you? Also make sure the designer knows how to design, not just write code.

In my career as a freelance web designer I have passed through all stages of building a website design: I have been a graphic designer, HTML coder, CSS coder, PHP and MySQL programmer, and search engines optimization consultant. You can rely on me to get your website done in time, quality, professional and not expensive.

Hristo Karaivanov
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