New demonstration web site, My Shopping Website

See and test how a shopping website works

Sat, 14 Feb 2009 09:37:51 +0200

I have created a demonstration web site which I called "My Shopping Website" to show how a shopping website works. This is a fully functional system presenting some products, with shopping basket and sendmail programme.

The purpose of a shopping web site is:

  • To show the products you sell to your customers
  • To allow your customers to choose product(s) and add (delete) the products to the shopping cart (basket)
  • To accept and store client's information such as name, address and email address
  • To send confirmation emails to your customers and you when an order has been confirmed
  • To allow your customers to pay you through one of the payment systems for example PayPal

This website demonstrates all steps described above except the final payment.

As an addition to the shopping process I have added an extra feature which is very important but rarely offered by shopping websites and this is that the web site can automatically calculate the final price of the products depending on dimensions (or other product specifications) given by the customer.



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